Solution level Nuget Package / Multiple Projects

Mar 23, 2011 at 10:35 AM


I have a solution with multiple projects, depending on the project name / Type/ culture .... I want different assemblies to be added from one Package

So Is it possible to decide on runtime which assemblies to Add?

I have tried the solution via init.ps1 and the install.ps1 but in this case you can not use the Lib folder because these assemblies are always added

Dependency packages is nice but in this case the developer needs to know which package to execute on which project....

Is it possible to work solution level based and not project level based....

Explained: It would be nice when a package is installed on solution level not on project level (I know that the package is in one folder on solution level), still one package should be able to decide on the adding of assemblies on all the projects in the solution.