Developing locally with packages

Feb 17, 2011 at 9:19 PM

As we've been moving forward converting our development process to use packages, we've run into a situation that other people must have hit.

Let's say you have CoreSolution with class libraries A, and B.  You go through and make packages for CoreSolution.A and CoreSolution.B

Let's also state you have an ApplicationSolution that package references CoreSolution.A.1.2.3 and CoreSolution.B.1.2.3


But let's say you find a bug in ApplicationSolution and the fix needs to be placed in CoreSolution.A and CoreSolution.B, but you also don't want to destroy the package references you've made in ApplicationSolution.


The solution I've come up with is to artificially version with CoreSolution with whatever version AppSolution is currently referencing.  In this case this would be 1.2.3.  So change CoreSolution, build packages, and then push them to a local repo hosted on your machine (C:\Packages for instance).

Then over in AppSolution you remove package references to CoreSolution.A and .B and then re-add them from your local feed.

You iterate this until you have your bug fix.  Then you can bump the real version number of CoreSolution, cut a new package, and then package reference that "official" package.


That is just my crazy idea.  Is there a better one people have been using or thinking about for quickly iterating on a packaged library and another project that consumes that package all on your own box?