Many packages checked in. Add more if you can!

Sep 16, 2010 at 1:24 AM

I have just checked in all the unbuilt NuPack packages.  They're under PackageSources.  Note that 'Sources' in this context doesn't mean source code, but raw content with the .nuspec file to build it into a .nupack file.  e.g. for a packages that adds an assembly reference, the folder just has a .nuspec and the dll under lib.

If you run build.cmd at the root, the packages get built and go under NuPack.Server\Packages.  The idea is that if you then run the little feed server app, it's then ready to serve out those packages.

Now the important point is that this is just a seed to get things moving.  There are many more interesting things that we should try to package before we go public, and everyone is encourage to help out with that.