Initial packages for launch

Aug 20, 2010 at 5:59 PM
Edited Aug 22, 2010 at 8:57 PM

Here's a list of the packages we have in TestPackages. The proposal was to get a good number of packages available centrally from a basic ATOM feed (I'm assuming hosted by Microsoft) and maybe add to this list from the current set of nu packages done (

Packages listed in bold are available on nu.

  • BrokenPackage1.0.apkg
  • Castle.Core1.2.0.apkg
  • Castle.DynamicProxy2.2.0.apkg
  • Castle.Ioc2.1.1.apkg (is this Castle.Windsor? if so, it's on nu)
  • elmah1.1.apkg
  • Iesi.Collections1.0.apkg (we don't have this as a separate gem on nu, it's pulled in with nhiberate)
  • jQuery1.4.1.apkg
  • jQueryValidation1.6.apkg
  • Moq3.1.416.3.apkg
  • MvcTurbine.Ninject2.1.apkg
  • MvcTurbine.Windsor2.1.apkg
  • MVCTurbine2.1.apkg
  • Ninject2.0.apkg
  • NLog1.0.apkg
  • OpenSearchToolkit1.1.apkg
  • PackageWithScript1.0.apkg
  • spark1.1.apkg (sparkviewengine is nu, not sure if this is the same)
  • sparkmvc1.0.apkg (sparkviewengine is nu, not sure if this is the same)
  • T4MVC2.6.15.apkg
  • WebFormsMVP0.9.7.2.apkg
Aug 20, 2010 at 10:02 PM

David Fowler had created this bunch to get us started, but it's certainly not meant to be the launch list.  In fact, it has some test packages in there like "BrokenPackage1.0" which we'll probably want to remove :)

We should all come up with additional ideas, and of course the current nu list is a great place for inspiration!